v Cardross (Skip : John Summers) Lost 6-9

We had agreed there was a need to play aggressively with the hammer given the shots up nature of the comp.

1st end went well despite skips 1st stone missing the target on a strike take out (v swingy ice).

Cardross adopted an aggressive policy throughout. They got away with this because it was such difficult ice to make take outs. I probably should have just accepted this & lived with a cluttered house!

Another thing I forgot to do as skip was detail someone to time the game. This proved crucial as we were lying very handy in the 7th end but didn't know when the bell was coming. We could easily have slowed it enough to win the match there & then. Instead we played the 8th end without hammer & never had a look in after 3rds stones. Lesson learned!

Understanding one another's roles is a key to better team performance.

Communication of weight by numbers was happening early on (sweepers to skip) but less so as the match went on - concentration? Skip couldn't get out of the habit of shouting 'come on' for 'sweep' which was not understood by the team who of course were listening for 'sweep'!! 2nd lesson learned!

Overall, I think a need to review tactics v this sort of team. Jim drew our 1st stones beautifully to the wings but we never really got the benefit of them. Skip should have varied the tactics more & played 'control zones' for some ends which would have better countered their simple drawing game. 3rd lesson learned!


Score line 4 (2) (2) (1) (1) 1 1 (3)

Hammer defence 2/5

Stolen ends 1/3


A match that could easily have been won. Some positives to take from it & lessons to be learned. Signs that some players are ready to step up to a higher level.



v Bearsden (Skip : Roy Lauder) Peeled 9-9

A good game heavily dominated by Summer School strategy. We had a game plan and worked hard to execute it. Unfortunately rule 1: win 1st and last ends we failed losing a 3 amd then a 2. We played a clean end strategy as far as possible with the hammer.

The opposition played a classic game to win each end and draw everything, v. aggresive. We tried to clear them out.



(3), 1, 4, (2), 4, (2), (2).

We lost the hammer on 1st and 7th end. Losing a 3 at the 1st was down to poor skip stones and getting used to ice so missed a few take outs. Losing a 2 on the 6th was a wee bit annoying as we were manufacturing to lose a 1. However losing the 2 on the 7th was largely down to comunications as the skip stone was swept when actually sweepers called off but didnt hear.

The big 4s at the 3rd and 5th ends were aggresive play in the 3rd and then more aggresive play in 5th as the opposition kept drawing in and we took them out and lay guarded.

Lessons - sweepers struggled to gauge the pace of the stone and coms poor to head. Coms between thrower and sweeps good. Sweepers must be able to hear and be heard as well as head.

Rink all understood clean house tactics and aggresive and worked quite well.

Ought have won the game. Suspect 6th end was wrong strategy to play clean at 9-5 up.

Really had to think a lot more out there. Really enjoyed it. Take out game a challenge but all did really well on fast swingy ice.